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3 energy-saving technologies for power transformers

A power transformer is a static electrical device that is used to change a certain value into a frequency-dependent voltage device with a different value. Next, Shenzhen Zhongji Electric Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce three energy-saving technologies for power transformers.

Three energy-saving technologies for power transformers:

1. Ideal operating load: Under normal circumstances, the operating load of a power transformer is ideal at about 60~70Se. At this time, the transformer loss is small and the operating cost is low.

2. Ideal power factor: Improving the power factor of the power grid is conducive to the economic operation of power transformers.

3. Reduce the operating temperature of power transformers: When the temperature rise of power transformers exceeds 8°C, the service life will be reduced by half. If its operating temperature exceeds the allowable range of transformer winding insulation, the insulation will deteriorate rapidly, and even the winding will break down and the transformer will be burned.

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