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Integrate lighting bus system to realize intelligent lighting scene setting and intelligent system f

Product introduction Introduction

Relying on the lighting bus system of foreign brands, firstly to ensure the continuity and reliability of the power system, and secondly combine the power distribution energy management system and the terminal power distribution energy collection, monitoring and feedback, through scene setting, energy consumption statistics, Microgrid construction to realize the optimal power management plan


Equipped with the EMO+EMA system, the microgrid is built through the combination of local renewable energy and energy storage systems to participate in the balance of the grid, to achieve electricity bill management and consumption reduction, while taking into account
Flexibility and comfort.
Final effect:
• Optimization of electricity bills up to 10%
•Able to achieve the best comfort through the optimal start-stop plan executed by prediction and calculation.

Notice To Order

1. Lighting node design planning
2. ROI and energy consumption requirements
3. Operation and management planning for the entire product life cycle
4. Power distribution rated capacity
5. Working environment
6. Special international requirements such as green building requirements

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