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Low voltage distribution box JP4

Brief introduction to the products


The Main Application Areas


Widely used in substations, factories, industrial and mining enterprises, large power plants, oil, chemical companies, large steel mills, high-rise building power center, reactive power compensation, measurement. Power distribution and other occasions.

Structural Characteristics and Functions


2、JP型低压综合配电箱内元器件选用国内外比较知名的品牌。隔离开关选用正泰、施耐德、ABB等公司的产品、切换电容接触器选用电容专用型、电力电容选用正泰、ABB、西门子、施耐德、、Epcos等。无功补偿器选用国内外著名品牌的产品系列,如施耐德NR6、NR12系列、ABB的RVT-6、RVT-12、RVC-6、RVC-8、RVC-12系列、爱普科斯的BR6000系列、国内的上海安科瑞的ARC-6/J(R)、ARC-8/J(R)、ARC-10/J(R)、ARC-12/J(R);苏州无线电六厂PDKII 无功补偿综合测控仪、JKL21AIII、JKL21AII、JKLD21II、JKG-6、JKG-8、JKG-10等。





1, the program configuration flexibility: JP low-voltage integrated distribution cabinet with metering, distribution, reactive power compensation of three basic functions. Can be flexibly configured according to need. Measurement + distribution + compensation, measurement + distribution, distribution + compensation, measurement + compensation, measurement, distribution, compensation a total of seven configuration options.

2, JP-type low-voltage integrated distribution box selection of components at home and abroad more well-known brands. Isolating switch selection Zhengtai, Schneider, ABB and other products, switching capacitor contactor selection capacitor-specific, power capacitors selected Chint, ABB, Siemens, Schneider ,, Epcos and so on. RVC-12 series, EPCOS BR6000 series, RVC-12 series, RVC-12 series, EPCOS BR6000 series, and other series of products, such as Schneider NR6, NR12 series, ABB RVT-6, RVT- ARC-6 / J (R), ARC-8 / J (R), ARC-10 / J (R), ARC-12 / J (R) of Shanghai Ankorui; PDKII reactive power of Suzhou No.6 radio factory Compensation integrated monitoring and control instrument, JKL21AIII, JKL21AII, JKLD21II, JKG-6, JKG-8, JKG-10 and so on.

3, the whole cabinet frame made of stainless steel 304 assembly, cabinet with a thickness of 1.5mm. Power distribution box to rain, dust, theft, leakage, lightning, anti-electromagnetic interference, there is sufficient strength to ensure that the process of transport and installation will not be deformed.

4, functional. Manual and automatic with two switching operation. Protection functions: overvoltage, overload, undervoltage, undercurrent, short circuit, phase, zero sequence overrun and other functions.

5, rapid response, compensation effect is good, reliable.

6, grounding protection integrity. The lower part of the cabinet is provided with a main grounding screw and marked with a grounding mark. The door and the cabinet are connected with a yellow-green color line, and the entire low-voltage switch cabinet constitutes a complete grounding protection circuit.

Product Structure


额定电压:380VAC 3~;额定绝缘电压:660VAC 3~;






柜体高度:2000mm、 2200mm;




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