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Distribution box PZ30

Structural Characteristics and Functions


The main structural components has covers, boxes,transparent covers, installation rails, conducting bars, incoming line shields and bus guards as well as neutral lines and ground terminals. All the electrical components inside the box are modularized ones with the width of 9mm. Different circuit programs can be organized according to the requirements. Each unit is 18mm. At most 60 units can be installed. The handles of the electrical components are exposed for convenient operation. The live and other parts are covered in the upper cover. On opening the transparent doors, the operation shall be facilitated, safe and reliable.

Product Structure


Installation Form

有明装式(悬挂式)和暗装式(嵌墙式)两种。 暗装式备有预埋箱和装饰面板。

Exposed form (suspended) and concealed form (wall inbuilt). The concealed form has embedded boxes and decorative panels.

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