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10kV armored removable switchgear KYN28A series

Brief introduction to the products


Product Structure


The switching equipment is designed according to GB3906 “3 ~ 35kV AC Metal- Eclosed Switchgear”. The whole structure is composed of cabinet and infix extracted components (ie hand cart).The cabinet has four separate rooms. The protection level of the shell is IP4X. Between the small rooms while the circuit breaker door opened, the protection level is IP2X. The product has overhead lines and cables and other function plans. Different permutation and combination can make into different power distribution devices. The switchgear can be installed, adjusted and maintained from the front, so it can be combined back to back into a double permutation and installed against the wall. In this way, the safety and flexibility of the switching equipment are greatly increased. The floor space is decreased.

Product Structure


Conditions of Use

※ 环境温度不高于+40℃,不低于-10℃

※ 海拔不超过1000M;

※ 日平均湿度不超过95%,月平均温度不超过90%;

※ 地震烈度不超过8度;

※ 周围空气应没有腐蚀性或可燃气体、水蒸气等明显污染;

※ 没有爆炸危险,严酷条件下严酷度设计满足1类要求。

Ambient Temperature: Maximum temperature +40℃, Minimum temperature -15℃

Height above sea level: ≤ 1000M

Relative Humidity: Average daily relative humidity ≤ 95%, average monthly relative humidity ≤ 90%,

Seismic Intensity: ≤ VIII

The site without fire hazard, explosion, severe contamination, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.



Dimensions and Structural Schematic

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