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Low-voltage switchgear MNS

Standards for Product




IEC-493-1 “Low Voltage Switchgear Package and Control Equipment”、

GBT251 “Low Voltage Switchgear Package”

ZBK36001 “Low Voltage Draw Out Switchgear Package”

Product Structure





配电母线(垂直母线)最大工作电流: 1000A


标准型 90kA(最大值)加强型 130kA(最大值)






Electrical Performance

Rated Working Voltage: 380V, 660V

Main Bus Maximum Working Current: 5500A (IP00), 4700A (IP30)

Main Bus Short-term (IS) Withstand Current: 100kA (effective value)

Power Distribution Bus (vertical bus) Maximum Working Current: 1000A

Power Distribution Bus (vertical bus) Short-term Peak Current:

Standard 90kA (Max) Enhanced Type 130kA (Max)

Protection Level

In Accordance with IEC529 and DIN40050

Solid Protection IP30 for φ›2.5 mm

Solid Protection IP40 for φ›1.0 mm; Protection for Dust and Splash in Arbitrary Direction IP54

For ordering protection IP54, negotiation ahould be carried out with the manufacturer.

Characteristics of the MNS Low Voltage Draw Out Switchgear

★ 设计紧凑:以较小的空间能容纳较多的功能单元,节省柜体体积,MCC柜最多可安装36个8E/4抽屉或9个8E抽屉,抽屉单元具有体积小、功能强、导向准确、互换性极强的特点,适合安装三极或四极空气开关,并具有可靠的机械联锁 ,功能单元的有效安装高度为1800mm ,在同一柜体中可自由组合成固定式和抽屉式二种形式 。

★ 结构通用性强,组装灵活:以25 mm为摸数的C型型材能满足各种结构形式、 防护等级及使用环境的要求

★ 采用标准模块设计:分别可组成保护、操作、转换、控制、调节、测定、指示等标准单元,用户可根据需要任意选用组装。以200余种组装件可以组成不同方案的柜架结构和抽屉单元。

★ 安全性:大量采用高强度阻燃型工程塑料组件,有效地加强了防护安全性能。

★ 垂直母线通道采用分断式功能板,直角L型分支母线嵌装在其中

★ MCC柜可背靠背排列

★ 装配方便:不需要特殊复杂工具。

Compact Design: More functional units could be accommodated in a smaller space, saving the volume of the cabinets. MCC cabinet can accommodate 36 pcs of 8E/4 drawers. The drawer unit is charaterized by its compact volume, strong function, accurate orientation and stong interchangeability, suitable for installation of third or fourth class air switch. It has reliable mechanical interlock. The effective installation height of the functional unit is 1800 mm. The solid type or drawer type could be organized freely in the same switchgear.

Unified structure, flexible assembly:

The 25mm C-profile sectional materials can meet the requirements of various structural forms, protection levels and operational environment.

The use of standard modular design: It can be organized into the standard units for protection, operation, conversion, control, regulation, measuring and instruction. The user can make option according to the needs of any assembly. With more than 200 assembling parts, different shelves structures and drawer units could be organized.

Safety: A large number of high-strength flame-retardant engineering plastics components are adopted, which effectively enhances the performance of the protective security.

The vertical bus channel adopts breaking functional board in wuich the right angle L type branch bus is inserted.

The MCC cabinets can be arranged back to back.

Easy assemblying: No special complicated tools are needed.

Conditions of Use

※ 户内安装使用,海拔不超过2000M。

※ 周围空气温度不超过不高于+40℃,不低于-5℃,最高日平均温度不得高于+35℃。

※ 相对湿度:最高温度在+40℃时不超过50%,在较低温度时允许有较大的相对湿度(例如+20℃时为90%)。

※ 抗震烈度:8级。

※ 安装时柜体垂直面倾斜度不超过5度。

※ 安装场合应无剧烈震动、冲击以及不足以使电器元件受到腐蚀。

※ 用户有特殊要求时可以与制造厂协商解决。

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