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Low-voltage switchgear GCS

Product Structure


Structural Characteristics and Functions

★ 装置的主构架采用8MF型钢,构架采用和部分焊接的两种结构形式。主构上均有安装模数孔E=20mm。

★ 装置各种功能室严格分开,其隔室主要分为功能单元室、母线室、电缆室、各单元的功能作用对独立。

★ 装置没有采用将水平主母线置柜顶的传统设计,使电缆室上下均有出线通道。

★ 装置柜体的尺寸系列如下表:

The main framework is of structures of the 8MF profile steel and part welded. On the main framework, there are modulus holes for installation, E=20mm.

The fuctions are strictly separated. The separated cabins are of units, buses and cables. They are relatively independent.

The devices didnt adopt the traditional design of placing the main horizontal buses on the top of the switchgear, so that there are cable channels on the upper and lower part of the cable cabin.

The dimensions of the switchgear are as follows:


Conditions of Use

※ 环境温度不高于+40℃,不低于-5℃ 24小时内平均温度不高于+35℃。超过时,2.2需根据实际情况降容运行。

※ 海拔不超过2000m;

※ 装置安装时与垂直的倾斜度不超过5度,且整组柜列相对平整。

※ 周围空气应一受腐蚀性或可燃气体、水蒸气等明显污染,没有爆炸危险的场所。

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