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10kV power transformer S13-M series

Product Structure









(A) Iron core: In order to improve the core performance, use of high-magnetic low-loss cold-rolled silicon steel strip produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel, the entire core components are tight and tight, will not be due to transportation and operation of vibration and loose.

(B) S13 series of energy-saving transformer windings: the same voltage level windings using the same manufacturer, the same batch of high-quality wire. The windings are designed to distribute the current and temperature evenly along the winding and to optimize the voltage distribution of the windings during full-wave and chopping shock tests. Winding can withstand short circuit, overload and over-voltage without local overheating, winding and wire binding is strong enough to form a steel body to prevent the transport, vibration and short-circuit operation, the relative displacement. Eliminate the concentrated electric field in the winding and keep the partial discharge at a minimum.

(C) Tank: Transformer tank structure type is fully sealed corrugated tank, the transformer without a car, the color is Red Lion 501. (D) casing: transformer high and low voltage selection of pure porcelain casing casing installation location and distance from each other to facilitate wiring, and its live part of the air gap, to meet the requirements of GB10237.

(E) Transformer oil: Transformer oil is Karamay 25 mineral oil, with antioxidants, without any additives.

(F) S13 series of energy-saving transformers have to withstand the total weight of the lifting device transformer.

(G) S13 series of energy-saving transformer core and the larger metal structure parts are reliably grounded through the tank. In the ground there are obvious ground symbol or "ground" words.

(H) the structure of the transformer after the normal road transport the internal structure of the same position after each other, fasteners are not loose. The structure and arrangement of transformer components shall not hinder the fastening and positioning of hoisting, transportation and transportation.

(I) Paints and rust-proof transformers Tanks inside and outside the tank Except for non-ferrous and galvanized iron parts, all metal parts are rust-sprayed and painted with gray color and have self-antifouling capacity. Measures are taken to prevent transport and hoisting of the paint layer Peeling and deterioration.

Operating Conditions




(A) Rated frequency of the system: 50Hz

(B) The system nominal voltage: 10kV

(C) the system maximum operating voltage (Um): 11.5kV

The Main Parameters








(A) Transformer name: S13 series energy-saving transformer

(B) Number of phases: 3 phases

(C) Rated frequency: 50 Hz

(D) voltage regulation: no load regulation

(E) Cooling method: ONAN

(F) Tap range: ± 2 × 2.5%

(G) Connection group: D, yn11

Product Structure

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