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35kV power transformer S11-35 series

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Iron core chose the magnetic flux density reasonably when it was designed. To ensure there is some margin under normal working voltage and no magnetic saturation when the system voltage was too high. The material of the iron core is good quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet; The iron core is three phase, three column and multi ladder cylindrical column core pole; The clamping piece can choose the structure of plate or channel steel, to reduce the amount of the welding and increase its strength. To strain the body by the upper and lower tie bolt, the structure is simple and an increase of anti-short circuit capacity of the winding. At the same time, to take reasonable measures of damping, besides this, to control the irregular seams of the lamination which make the small magnetic resistance and leakage. The section of the yoke is same with the core pole below 6300KVA, 8000KVA or above it, the yoke is “D” type. The purpose is to reduce the weight and waste, the smallest class film is widened, to increase the contact surface between yoke and clamping piece and improve the state of the clamping of the yoke.

Internal of the winding adopts the oil guide structure/ axial direction oil duct, that is conducive to heat dissipation and greatly reduce the copper oil temperature, so that the oil of all regions of the internal can be cooling to reduce the hottest temperature spot of the winding. The tap scope of the no-load transformer is only ±3×2.5%, so we don’t set up the voltage regulation union independently, the tap line is placed in the center of main coil, thus it simplifies the structure. The high-low voltage adopts the principal insulation structure while designing. To control the distribution of ampere turns and impact strictly, thereby the amount of the materials will be reduced. The low voltage winding is winded around the high-strength paper tube directly, the high-low voltage winding adopts the radial and axial direction devices while winding, to increase the pressing force and reduce the constriction in working; At the same time, to tighten the internal and external support bars to make a support, so that the stability of winding is improved, the instability and the deformation is prevented. The winding can be treated with dip coating and packed with division phase; In order to enhance its mechanical strength and improve the ability of bearing the short-circuit, to change the structure of the pressing plate and strengthen the ends.

To improve the lead wire clamping structure, and to adopt the shape of wood combining with colligation which makes the lead wire firm and fixed.

The body adopts the new insulation flame to calculate the composite field intensity and ensure adequate insulation strength, which has large filling coefficient; To control strictly the time of the dried body exposed in the atmosphere and to keep from moisture; The body and the tank adopt “Rigidly Positioned” to improve the capacity of product against the impact during the transportation.

The tank is designed by the structure of suspended core free, it is can be installed directly at site. It has compact layout, beautiful styling and novel structure, it also can be bell or fold corrugated structure (flat-top type), in order to process easily to simplify the structure; Selection of wide steel plate to reduce the weld joint and increase the mechanical strength; To make mechanical processing for all the sealing faces (edge of the box, flange), it adopts “O” type seal structure to prevent the leakage; The tank and the radiator of the transformer should withstand 0.05Mpa pressure, and there is no leakage and injury.

Accessories of main body should contain: the terminal box adopts the stainless steel box which has good leak tightness and easy to connect; two thermometer seats (soldering on the cover) are placed on the two ends of the macro axis of the tank; The gas relay, the thermometer, pressure release valve wire cable support should be fixed on the body, the line is connected into the terminal box. However, the lowest part of all the accessories installing on the body of the transformer can not lower than the horizontal line of the body bottom.

Product Structure


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