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10kV power transformer SBH15-M series

The Main Structure and Characteristics

铁芯采用三相五柱式卷铁芯,铁芯选用非晶合金材料,铁基非晶合金具有高饱和磁感应强度、低损耗、低矫顽力、低激磁电流、良好的温度稳定性等特点。这种材料采用急冷凝固生产工艺,其物理状态表现为金属原子呈无序非晶体排列,它与硅钢片完全不同,更有利于被磁化和去磁。这种新材料用于变压器铁芯,当变压器运行时每秒 100-120 次的去磁和被磁化过程相当容易,从而大幅度降低了铁芯的空载损耗,与传统硅钢片式铁芯的油浸变压器相比还可以减排 CO2、SO2、NOX 等有害气体,被称为二十一世纪的“绿色产品”。线圈选用优质无氧铜绕制成矩形结构。低压采用铜箔绕制,箔式线圈是以不同厚度的铜箔带为导体,以宽带状的绝缘材料为层间绝缘,以窄带状的绝缘材料为端绝缘,在箔式绕线机上一次完成卷绕,同时完成线圈内外侧引线的焊接。箔式低压线圈克服了矩形线圈抗短路能力差的特点,大大提高了线圈的机械强度;高压线圈采用高压自动绕线机完成,该绕制方式自动化程度高、动力强劲,可自动排线及气动线架涨拉,为线圈绕制的轴向紧密度和辐向紧实度提供保证。我公司的非晶合金铁芯变压器器身装配工艺采用自动装配台,打破传统的器身装配方法,将绕组预先放置在装配台的升降平台上,绕组的轴线呈水平状,各单框铁芯横向穿入绕组内孔,确保器身装配过程中的金属碎片不掉入线圈内。变压器油箱为波纹式结构,波纹材料为优质冷轧板,采用氩弧焊接,波纹与油箱采用 CO2气体保护焊接,焊接电流稳定,焊缝熔深大,成型好无缺陷等特点。该结构在变压器工作时,除具备良好的散热性能外,波纹片的波翅还具有膨胀并可缓解内部压力上升的功能;变压器器身采用变压法真空干燥方式,干燥彻底,绝缘性能高。总装过程采用全真空注油,使器身及各处绝缘充分浸油,无气泡,整体绝缘强度增强。变压器取消了传统的储油柜,采用管式油位计,或多功能保护器,该结构可显示油位,压力释放及瓦斯报警功能,缩小了变压器体积,使变压器运行维护更加方便、快捷。

The iron core uses three-phase five-column roll core, iron core uses amorphous alloy material, Fe-based amorphous alloy has characteristics of high saturation magnetic induction intensity, low loss, low coercive force, low exciting current, good temperature stability . This material is produced by rapid solidification process, the physical state of the metal atoms were disordered amorphous arrangement, it is completely different with the silicon steel, more conducive to be magnetized and demagnetized. This new material for the transformer core, when the transformer is running 100-120 times per second to the demagnetization and magnetization process is quite easy, thus significantly reducing the core of the no-load loss, and the traditional silicon steel core Oil-immersed transformers can also reduce emissions of CO2, SO2, NOX and other harmful gases, known as the twenty-first century "green products." High-quality oxygen-free copper coil is made of rectangular structure. Low-voltage copper foil around the system, foil coil is a different thickness of the copper foil as a conductor to broadband insulation for the interlayer insulation, narrow-band insulation for the insulation, the foil winding machine on a complete Winding, while completing the inside and outside the coil lead wire welding. The high-voltage coil adopts the high-voltage automatic winding machine to complete, the high-degree of automation of the winding system, strong power, can be automatically arranged and pneumatic wire-line coil Wire frame pull up for the coil winding system of axial tightness and tightness to provide assurance. My companys amorphous alloy core transformer assembly process using automatic assembly units, breaking the traditional body assembly method, the winding pre-placed in the assembly platform of the lifting platform, the axis of the winding was horizontal, the single-frame core Lateral penetration into the winding hole, to ensure that the body assembly process of metal debris does not fall into the coil. Transformer tank for the corrugated structure, corrugated material for high-quality cold-rolled plate, the use of argon welding, corrugated and the tank with CO2 gas protection welding, welding current stability, weld penetration depth, forming a good defect-free features. The structure of the transformer in the work, in addition to have good heat dissipation, the corrugated pieces of the wings also have expansion and can relieve internal pressure rise function; transformer body vacuum pressure drying method, dry, high insulation performance. The whole process of vacuum filling oil filling, so that the body and the insulation of the full immersion oil, no bubbles, the overall insulation strength. Transformer eliminates the traditional oil conservator, the use of tubular oil level gauge, or multi-function protector, the structure can display the oil level, pressure relief and gas alarm function, reducing the transformer size, the transformer operation and maintenance more convenient and fast.

Product Structure

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