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35kV铠装移开式开关设备 KYN61系列

Product Structure




The Switchgear KYN61-40.5kV, according to the composition of its structure, can be divided into cabinets and the hand cart of the circuit breakers. Equipped in the cabinets are the novel fully insulated vacuum circuit breakers or imported sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers. The switchgear is of assembly structure, which improves the apprearance quality and the fit precision of the hand cart and the cabinet. The product is beautiful in appearance and could be organized into rapid production, assembling and timely delivery. The Body of the switchgear adopts the imported aluminium and zinc coated plates manufactured and bended into form with CNC sheet metal equipment and assembled with high strength bolts and nuts (8.8 grade) or rivet nuts.

The typical program, according to functions, can be divided into the cabinets of relays and meters, hand cart, cables and buses. The four parts are separated according to the grounded metal plates so as to prevent the electric arc from extending and limit the possible faults in a small scope. The separated cabinets, except the relay and meter cabinet, are all equipped witn independent voltage relief channels. When some part needs replacement of components or maintenance, it is not necessary to shut down the power of whole cabinet. The only thing to do is to turn off the power at both ends of the component. The maintenance personnel can enter the cabinet safely. The protection level of the shell is IP4X. When the door of the hand cart is open and the hand cart is in the positions of breaking and test, the protection level is IP2X. A closed -door operation can be realized. Its normal operation, including the circuit breaker switch, the positions of the circuit breaker hand cart for working, test and isolation, the switch for grounding, can be carried out under the closed condition of the door for high-voltage circuit breakers cabinet. The switchgear has cables in and out, overhead lines, buses, insulations and lightning arrests. The composite insulation is adopted. The materials are entirely based on domestic technology.

Product Structure


Conditions of Use

※ 环境温度:上限+40℃,且24h内测得的平均值不超过35℃,下限-10℃。

※ 海拔高度:海拔不超过1000m。

※ 相对湿度:日平均值不超过95%,月平均值不超过90%。

※ 地震烈度:不超过8度。

※ 水蒸汽压力:日平均值不超过2.2kPa,月平均值超过1.8kPa。

※ 周围环境:无火灾、爆炸危险、严重污秽、化学腐蚀及剧烈振动的场所。

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